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Plan Básico de Formación de Investigadores

The Basic Plan for the Training of Researchers of the Miguel Hernández University has been prepared by qualified technical personnel belonging to the different vice-rectorates, offices and services involved in the training, management and dissemination of research.

Its objective is to train, both in transversal and specific competences, the research staff of the UMH and, in particular, the research staff in training who have just started their research career. This event was born as an initiative promoted by the Vice-Rectorate for Research of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) and is part of the UMH-HR4R Action Plan.

To achieve this goal, a blog has been designed with all the essential contents that are updated periodically. This format allows researchers to carry out the training at any time of the academic year as well as to update their knowledge and acquire the necessary competences throughout their research career.


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